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X-Truk folding cart with 1 Crate & Lid

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Easily haul your groceries, equipment, gear, and business materials with the X-Truk 2 shelf adjustable folding cart. The XTruk opens in seconds with just the push of a button!

At less than 20 pounds the lightweight design has a durable 165 lb. overall load capacity and is a must have to transport heavy bulky loads. The dual 22.25" x 15.25" inch cargo shelves provide enough space to carry everything you need in one trip, especially with the upper shelf's capability to stow out of the way when you need to haul tall materials. Since 1982 Demtruk has been a trusted manufacturing partner providing compact, lightweight folding material handling products specializing in site to site applications. One folding storage crate included with each X-Truk. Comes with a one year limited warranty. 

- Overall load capacity 165 lbs. 

- Top Shelf - 55 lbs.

- Bottom Shelf - 88 lbs. ( 130 lbs. If Not Loading Top Shelf )

- Cart Dimensions -  29 x 21 x 4.25

From our customers


Thank you so much.

I truly depend on my cart every day in the house, garage, yard and my dog …

At 80 years old, The X-Truk allows me my independence which I want to keep as long as possible.

Packages, groceries, laundry & especially Amazon all go in my cart from postal service, Fedex, DHL. OMG, even my dinner.

Thank you & blessings to you & everyone else

Joy Tanno
Honolulu, HI

I wanted to tell you how handy the X-Truck has been for our dealership.

My technicians use the truck almost daily. They love the fact that they can carry all of the parts and tools needed to complete a service call in one trip. This especially comes in handy when they walk a longer distance to get to the service call on larger business properties / campuses. In addition, we were surprised how easy it folds, and stores in our vehicle. We even use the truck when installing smaller printers and MFP’s, and it’s a lot easier to navigate than the larger carts that we used in the past.

 Thanks again for providing a product that helps our industry!

X-Truk Collapsbile Folding Cart
Randy Nelson
The Copy Image