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3 products

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With the Escalera Stairclimbing Dolly one person can take appliances up and down steps, roll on rough terrain, and load and unload pick-up trucks and vans. Send one person to do deliveries and installations where you would normally send two. Battery powered stairclimbers do all the lifting, the operator simply balances the load. Climb over curbs, up onto porches, over thresholds, and up full flights of steps. With the Escalera Stair Climbing Forklift, one person can lift the appliance up to 54 inches - that's high enough to load and unload a semi-truck!

Escalera Stair Climbing Hand Trucks can climb virtually any type of step surface. The stairclimbing mechanism on the Escalera automatically adjusts for different heights of steps . You can climb all the way up to a 10 inch high curb or all the way down to a quarter inch high threshold. The operator doesn't have to make this adjustment. It is interesting to note that the Escalera climbs a tall step at the same speed that it climbs a short step. That's because the lifting cams on the Escalera have to come around until they find a short step. Besides climbing thresholds you can also climb a large crack in a sidewalk. Again it lifts the wheel up and hops it over the edge.

Everything that touches the steps with the Escalera is soft rubber. We have rubber wheels, rubber V-belt glide belts, and soft polyurethane lifting feet. The V-belts maintain contact with the step, although they do no lifting they prevent the Escalera from scratching the steps. The dual lifting feet on the Escalera stairclimber put the same amount of pressure on the steps as the large six inch wheels do. This is because they are the same width as the wheels and have the same amount of surface area. It is interesting to note that some of the older Escalera's only had a single lifting foot in the middle rather than the two that we have now. The reason that we changed is so that the operator wouldn't have to balance the load in a sideways direction. However, there are still a lot of these older units still in use and they still work fine with no damage to the steps.

RLA-HC Escalera with Forklift attachment

You can use the Escalera Stair Climbing Forklift to raise and lower equipment in and out of the back of your delivery vehicle with the easy-to-use hand operated winch on the RLA-HC. The 28 inch long forks can lift 1200 pounds up to 54 inches high. This is high enough to load and unload a semi-truck without having a loading dock and a traditional forklift.


Use the included RW-1 Automatic Rewinding Safety Strap to secure the load to the handtruck. The safety straps work very similar to seat belts in your car. Because the safety straps rewind automatically into the sideframe when they are not in use, you will never have straps hanging down by your feet.  You can install up to two additional safety straps (three total) on each Escalera.


The Escalera Stairclimbing Forklift is very versatile. The battery-powered stairclimbers will climb over 130 steps up and back down with a full load and is very gentle while climbing stairs. You can also raise your equipment to a comfortable service level up to 54” high. The forks are 15 1/2 inches apart for moving loads on or off pallets. Swivel casters mounted underneath make the forklift extremely maneuverable in tight places, and using the optional 10 inch pneumatic Big Wheel Attachment allows you to roll over rough terrain like gravel or grass. The automatic rewinding safety straps will hold any load securely to the handtruck for safe transport and remain installed on the machine for quick and easy use.


Ask us about our lightweight aluminum portable steps for climbing in and out of pickup trucks. Escalera also offers a lift-hitch for carrying the lift on the back of delivery vehicles and service vans.


Use the optional BWA-1 Big Wheel Attachment with the Escalera StairCat to smooth out the ride when rolling on rough terrain, preventing damage to your copy machine. The 10 inch pneumatic tires allow you to roll easily on gravel, grass, dirt, bumpy asphalt and light snow.