Lightweight Demtruk folding cart with 27" to 33.5" long roll-off platform 300 lb load capacity

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Demtruk folding and collapsible carts were designed from the ground up to help you easily load, unload and haul equipment such as medical equipment, copiers, office equipment, beverage equipment and more. The Demtruk allows one person to do the job of several.

Loading and unloading is a snap due to the Demtruk’s adjustable heights. And, because the Demtruk equipment cart is collapsible, folding the Demtruk down to store right next to your equipment during travel just takes a few seconds. Take a minute to watch the video.

Demtruk getting you and your equipment to your customers simply, quickly and safely

  • Health and safety - minimizes risk of back strain injury to anyone engaged in carrying heavy or bulky equipment.
  • Single person operation – saving duplicate staffing.
  • Versatility – light weight or heavy weight chassis, choice of three pallet sizes.
  • Height adjustable – suitable for vans, estate cars and MPV's.
  • Very Reliable - thousands of Demtruk units currently in service globally.
  • Easy maneuverability rubber tires give a smooth ride even over rough ground.
  • Time Saving - 3 step folding procedure takes seconds to complete.
  • Easy to Handle - In the folded position. The lightweight weighs 13 kilos, the compact undercarriage is lifted by a convenient handle.
  • Saves space – the compactness of the undercarriage allows extra storage room in your vehicle for other items.

How it works 

Dem-Truk folding and collapsible trolleys are designed to help you easily load, unload and transport equipment such as medical, office, catering or beverage machines and more.

The Demtruk allows one person to do the job of several

Loading and unloading is easy due to the Demtruk's adjustable height mechanism. the Demtruk equipment trolley is collapsible, allowing you to store right next to your equipment during travel.

Opening or Folding the undercarriage takes only seconds to complete.

4 step set up procedure

  • Easily lift the undercarriage from your vehicle and place it on the ground
  • Lift the side walls
  • Pull the side walls apart until you hear the device locking pins engage
  • Set the desired height of the side walls and slide the pallet base onto the undercarriage.
  • Height adjustment from 700mm to maximum of 900mm in 45mm increments

Vehicle Loading

  • Present your securely strapped load
  • Apply the brake
  • Disengage the pallet by releasing the secure lock
  • Roll the loaded pallet on its front mounted loaded wheels into the vehicle

4 step folding procedure

    • Lower the platform supports by simply lift the latch on each side
    • squeeze side walls together to release locking pins
    • fold the side wall downward to collapse the trolley base
    • Place the undercarriage in your vehicle, that can stow neatly alongside your equipment

To unload at your destination simply reverse the procedure

Its that simple and that safe


- Weight Capacity 300 lbs.

- Loading Height 23″ to 35″

- Platform 27" x 24″ (not including length of pop-out handles)

- Undercarriage Folds to: 12" x 36" x 10"

- Front Wheels 4″

- Rear Wheels 6.5″

- Undercarriage Weight 29 lbs.


    From our customers


    Thank you so much.

    I truly depend on my cart every day in the house, garage, yard and my dog …

    At 80 years old, The X-Truk allows me my independence which I want to keep as long as possible.

    Packages, groceries, laundry & especially Amazon all go in my cart from postal service, Fedex, DHL. OMG, even my dinner.

    Thank you & blessings to you & everyone else

    Joy Tanno
    Honolulu, HI

    I wanted to tell you how handy the X-Truck has been for our dealership.

    My technicians use the truck almost daily. They love the fact that they can carry all of the parts and tools needed to complete a service call in one trip. This especially comes in handy when they walk a longer distance to get to the service call on larger business properties / campuses. In addition, we were surprised how easy it folds, and stores in our vehicle. We even use the truck when installing smaller printers and MFP’s, and it’s a lot easier to navigate than the larger carts that we used in the past.

     Thanks again for providing a product that helps our industry!

    X-Truk Collapsbile Folding Cart
    Randy Nelson
    The Copy Image